Benefits of Brass cookware


Brass – Brass is most commonly used house hold vessels for ages, even now one can see brass vessels being used in day to day lives in our villages, temples & small towns..It is due to the benefits one accrue using the brass vessels as they are 100% food safe, anti bacterial & anti allergic…

An Old Saying – Our elders always say, that in their days the food had more flavour, water was tasty, On further study it was found that the extra flavour was contributed by the brass vessels, Yes the brass infused  aroma & contributed flavors to the food, Sadly which todays non reactive neutral cooking vessels made of steel & aluminum misses out, In-fact the brass vessel is the invisible chef contributing that additional flavour to the cooked foods

Study Reveals – It is now found out in scientific research that, Water stored & consumed from a brass vessel gives strength & immunity, In addition, it also helps pacify Pitta content which causes burning sensations inside our body, brass prevents abdominal infections, intestinal ailments to a great extent & improves the skin health., Along with the zinc present in the brass utensils keeps the mind awake & helps purify blood., Which our ancestors knew very well & that being the reason for using brass taps for drinking water pipes, when potable drinking water flowed through brass taps they acquired the benefits, while today water treatment method’s removes the much needed minerals & contributes none, and also it was a fact that germs cant survive in brass medium (Which was the other main reason why door handles & locks handled by many were made of brass), .

Brass Aromatic Infusion – Another example for brass infusing flavour to foods is the filter Coffee, when made in a traditional brass filter tastes out of the world, same applies to brass idly pots, brass puttu kudam, brass kadai, brass uruli, brass tumblers etc…In those days every home entrance had a giant brass gangal filled with water,  anyone visiting the home are asked to wash their hands & feet before entering, through this way the anti bacterial brass water acted as a germ cleanser, now they are gone & diseases entered homes.


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