Rail Adukku

    Antique Rail adukku/ Kaasi Pathiram/ Adukku Pathiram set, this is the original rail adukku, because 99% of so called rail adukkus we see mushrooming suddenly in todays market is fake replica which is no where near to the original in concept or usablity.

    Originally Rail adukkus were made as a complete all in one set of cooking vessels which are made to fit in a larger outer jacket vessel with a lid and which has twin eared holders to facilitate being carried around, most importantly at a nominal weight, which was much needed for a large joint family’s pilgrimage and travel cook, hold, reheat and serving needs, since vacation/pilgrimage travel.

    In those days mostly travel was through the Rail/Trains and the vessel set which was made for that purpose took its name – Rail + Adukku = Rail Adukku, And most pilgrimage undertaken those days were to Kaasi the vessel was also called as ‘Kaasi Pathiram’.

    Construction & Concept


    Mostly these were made of highest quality golden brass which was sturdy and at the same time light in weight not to add extra burden to travel luggage, they were100% handmade with the trademark ring loop holders riveted on peepal leaf harness, held in conjunction with the thick circular ring made of golden bronze, the dome shaped lid serves as a plate to hold cut veggies and other mis-en-place, also serves as a kadai to fry that’s the reason for its shape, also it helps accommodate the Plates, the interiors were tin lined.


    The set Includes large basin, cooking adukku vessels, Vari adukku, siru alakku, thavalai Sombu, Tumblers (for Milk + coffee set + baby + demi tasse), davara, Plates, lids, sippal large, uruli pathiram, madurai kunda, The Rail Adukku was manufactured in sizes of small, medium, large and extra large whose contents ranged from total of 12 to 24 vessels with weight ranging from 8 to 14 Kilograms maximum. 



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