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What are the use of Stones in cooking? 1.May be as a grinding stone? 2. As a base for make shift fire cooking? 3. Crushing ginger garlic and aromatic tubers?  Well if your answer was as above – Meet the Forefathers of all cooking vessels :

Proud to present 100 year old Antique Stone Cooking Vessels of our ancestors these are predecessors of Clay ware and Porcelain ware, Still usable but not for the faint hearted because even the smallest vessel weighs couple of Kilograms..The specialty of stoneware was that it retained most of the nutrients in cooking, secondly it requires no oil in cooking.

The stoneware’s are mainly made from two stones namely Soap stone which is a soft light stone known for ease of carving and another made of unpolished granite known for its strength and durability.

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