Mahabharata war: Gandhari’s curse and Krishnas Death

Outcomes of the Mahabharata war: Gandhari’s curse that lead to Krishnas Death

Krishna remembers Gandharis curse, the time has come, omens started appearing – Krishna’s Sanga, Chakra & Chariot disappears from earth, Balaramas plough weapon disappears, Yadu clan gets lost in ecstasy forgets morality, disrespect elders, Sambha, Krishna’s son gets curse to give birth to an iron mace which will lead to destruction of their clan, to avoid the curse the mace was ground to a fine powder except for a small triangular piece of metal, all were dissolved in river, that triangular piece was swallowed by a fish which was caught by a hunter & he makes it his arrow head, the dissolved powders gets deposited in river side grass blades become mace & Yadu boys playfully pulled the blades of grass fought & killed each other, all his son’s & relatives were killed, Krishna recollected prediction of Rishi Durvasa that His death lies in his foot. Meanwhile Balarama sits in meditation & leaves his body, a serpent comes out of his mouth & reaches heaven (It is adisesha). Alone, tired & exhausted Krishna laid down under a tree, the hunter Jara who has made the arrow out of the cursed mace piece mistook the beautiful foot of Krishna as a deer & shot that lethal arrow piercing in Krishna’s foot – the vulnerable part. Soon the hunter realises his mistake & pleades the lord for forgiveness. Lord Krishna consoles him that his death was inevitable. Krishna says that in his previous birth as Ram he killed Vaali from behind a tree. So, Krishna has now reaped the price for the same through the hunter who was Vaali in his previous birth. This story tells us the fact that, even for the God’s, Law’s of Karma remains the same. Lord Krishna leaves the mortal world from which Kaliyuga started, Arjuna reaches the spot burns the remains & performs final rites for his beloved Sarathy..

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