Ushas Dream:

Ushas dream

Usha the beautiful daughter of King Banasura (Asura king), one night had a dream, in which she meets a very handsome young man, whom she had never seen before., in morning she was in tears, her friend Chitralekha asked the reason and she narrated the dream and as she could not find who he was, Chitralekha said to Usha “Dont worry I had learnt the art of painting from Sage Naradha and i will paint all the Gods & kings on the face of earth  and every human being reputed to be handsome and you can tell me which one you saw in dream”

Chitralekha began to paint Devas, Gandharvas, Siddhas, Charanas, Pannangas, Daityas, Vidyadharas, Yakshas, Saints, Sages., etc For every one Usha shook her head and said: “Not he, My lord was much more handsome than this”. And so it went on. .

Chitralekha now began to paint the kings on earth. House after House was rejected by the princess. When she came to the house of the Yadhava’s, Usha said: “Wait there is some resemblance to My lord. Who is this?” .

It was Vasudeva.. Chitralekha then painted Balarama and Krishna. The resemblance was more pronounced, according to Usha, specially when Krishna was painted. Chitralekha finally painted the picture of Aniruddha & from the blush on the face of Usha, she knew that this was the man. .

She smiled at Usha & said: “Now that I know who has stolen your heart, I will steal him & bring him to you.” .

Night had fallen. Chitralekha well versed in advanced Yoga levitation flew in the air, reached Dwarakha, entered the palace found Aniruddha sleeping alone on a cot. She lifted him bodily & brought him to Shonitapura & left him by the side of Usha

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